Rodeo Divers Artificial Reef

An artificial reef located 1.5 miles due east of Pompano Pier, the Rodeo Divers Artificial Reef is a collection of at least eight wrecks which have come together to assist in the formation of the reef at a depth of about 80 feet. They are:

  • Two 32 foot tug boats known as the Qualmann Tugs.They lay upright side-by-side in 80 feet of water.
  • The 85 foot schooner, Alpha, lies 40 feet south of the Qualmann Tugs in 78 feet of water.
  • The 50 foot Mathis Motoryacht, sunk in 1986, lies in 82 feet of water. This is located 20 feet north northwest of the Qualmann Tugs.
  • Two dredge pontoons are about 30 feet north of the Mathis Motoryacht along with the hull of a 34 foot vessel.
  • A beautiful luxury schooner, Panda, sunk in 1987 in memory of Jay Dorman, was once a charter for Windjammer Cruises.

This artificial reef is rich in sea life and has many different areas to observe. It is accessible for kayaks from the 16th St. kayak launch site.

Because of the depth, this dive is for advanced divers. You will see many Bullsharks and two people have been killed at this wreck from being hit in the head by the bow of the Qualmann Tugs.

GPS Coordinates
N 26° 13.867′
W 080° 04.027′

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