Rebel Wreck

The Wreck of the Rebel lies bow to the north, on a sand and coral debris bottom. This Dutch freighter was built in 1947 and after a long career as a freighter was confiscated for drug smuggling in 1983 or 1984. At a federal auction, she was purchased by an environmentalist attorney who gave her over to the Broward County reef program and renamed Rebel after the buyer’s dog. She was sunk to create an artificial reef in 1985. She is located ENE of the Vista Park kayak launch about 1.5 miles offshore.

Today, this 150-foot freighter sits intact and upright in 110 feet of water. Her deck is located 80 feet down and her prop is in place. She is easily penetrated and houses a variety of sea life. She is a great dive for the curious or exploratory diver.

Because of the depth, she is an advanced dive.

GPS Coordinates
N 26° 10.253′
W 080° 04.332′

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