Jay Scutti Artifical Reef Site

An artificial reef system in 70 feet of water consisting of several wrecks. At the center is the Jay Scutti harbor tugboat, purchased by Dale Scutti and donated to the Broward County’s Artificial Reef Program in memory of his son, Jay.

The Jay Scutti lies 1.25 miles east of the Vista Park Kayak Launch between the 45-foot Moonshot and the 95-foot sailboat Pride. 130 feet northeast of Jay Scutti lies The B.H. Lake, a 40-foot yacht. the area contains several other wrecks and other objects making up the artificial reef, including a 132-foot oil rig, M/V Tracey, siting upright in 67 feet of water 100 feet north of Jay Scutti and a 90-foot freighter lying a bit further north. A pile of limestone boulders known as “Dog Pile” lies even further north.

This artificial reef system is accessible by kayak from the Vista Park kayak launch, south of Oakland Park Blvd.

GPS Coordinates
N 26° 09.520′
W 080° 04.760′

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