Jay Scutti Artifical Reef Site

An artificial reef system in 70 feet of water consisting of several wrecks. At the center is the Jay Scutti harbor tugboat, purchased by Dale Scutti and donated to the Broward County’s Artificial Reef Program in memory of his son, Jay.

The Jay Scutti lies 1.25 miles east of the Vista Park Kayak Launch […]

Horse Shoe

Horse Shoe reef is located north of Hillsboro Inlet, reachable by kayak from the 16th street put-in area, about a 1.5 mile paddle. The depth is 45 – 60 ft and is usually clearer than locations south of the inlet.

GPS Coordinates N 26° 16.357′ W 080° 04.212′ Recently Added Dive Sites The Berry […]

Hog Heaven


Directly East of Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Hog Heaven is accessible by kayak from the #14 Lifeguard tower. It is a 180-foot barge lying upside down in 64 feet of water and was sunk in 1986. Later, a dredge pipe and concrete bridge beams were added to the site to help form an artificial reef. […]

Hillsboro Domes

Blessed with the clear visibility seen north of Hillsboro Inlet the Hillsboro Domes rise up 10 feet from the 45 foot sandy bottom. It’s a long 3 mile paddle from the 16th street kayak launch. Does anyone know of a kayak launch point north of Hillsboro Inlet?

GPS Coordinates N 26° 17.515′ W 080° […]

Hammerhead Reef

Hammerhead Reef

Beginning a half-mile south of Port Everglades, Hammerhead Reef stretches out in front of John U. Lloyd State Park and ends at the Dania Pier. Lying in 60 feet of water and dropping off to 80 feet it contains many undercuts and ledges which provide a home for an abundance of […]

Guy Harvey Wreck

The Guy Harvey was A 185-foot Haitian freighter, the Guy Harvey was built in Holland in 1957 and originally christened the M/V Lady Kimberly. She was used to carry island cargo to and from Haiti. She was renamed The Guy Harvey because of the financial help from renowned marine artist Guy Harvey needed to […]

Dania Beach


Dania Beach – Located at the east end of Dania Beach Blvd. Plenty of parking close to the beach. South of the pier is a reef system with a beautiful reef an easy swim from shore. No kayak launching here but you can put your kayaks in just north at John U. Lloyd State […]

Attis Bathtub Reef

A very clear dive reachable by kayak from the 16th St. kayak launch, it is a crater 63ft in the sandy hole and 53ft at the top of the coral. It has a 10ft ledge around the inside.

It lies directly East of Hillsboro Inlet and boat traffic is a danger during weekends.

GPS […]

Abby Too Reef

Located Northeast of Hillsboro Inlet, near Horse Shoe, reachable by kayak from the 16th St. kayak launch

55ft at the bottom and 45ft on the top of the ledge.

GPS Coordinates N 26° 16.408′ W 080° 03.830′

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The Caves


The Caves – A shallow series of ledges located about 1/2 mile east of Beach Place on Ft. Lauderdale beach. It can be reached by kayak from both the south Ft. Lauderdale beach kayak launch or the launch point north of the 14th lifeguard tower on Ft. Lauderdale beach. A system of moorings mark […]